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Figure 4

From: Improving initial infectivity of the Turnip mosaic virus (TuMV) infectious clone by an mini binary vector via agro-infiltration

Figure 4

Validation of the infectivity of pBD-TuMV-CY5, pBD-TuMV-GFP and pBD-TuMV-GK on N. benthamiana plants. The agro-infiltrated N. benthaminana plants were analyzed with western blotting (A) or indirect ELISA (B) at 7 dpi, using the antiserum to TuMV CP. The samples of agro-infiltrated leaves are individually indicated. The sample from leaves infected by TuMV virus culture (14 dpi) that was used as positive control is indicated as TuMV. The mock was inoculation was used as a negative control. The blank indicates the wells coated with buffer for basal-level control. The TuMV CP antiserum was used at 10,000x dilution for both assays. The samples significantly different with mock (p-value < 0.05) were indicated as “*”. Bars represent standard deviations (n = 3).

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