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Table 1 Comparison of Asarum pubitessellatum and its allies, A. crassisepalum and A. taipingshanianum

From: Asarum pubitessellatum, sp. nov. (sect. Heterotropa, Aristolochiaceae) from Taiwan based on morphological and palynological evidence

  A. crassisepalum A. taipingshanianum A. pubitessellatum
Rhizomes Elongated Elongated Short
Shape Triangular-oblong to sagittate Triangular-oblong Triangular-ovate to sagittate
Size 4–9 × 3.5–6 cm 3–6 × 3.4–4.1 cm 8.5–13 × 6–7.5 cm
Apex acute to acuminate obtuse to acute acute to acuminate
Size (in diameter) 1–2 cm 1–2 cm ca. 3 cm
Perianth-tube shape Conical Conical to cylindrical Conical
Tubercle on the base of perianth-lobe Scar-like Absent or scar-like Absent
Trichome type on the inner surface of perianth-tube Sessile unicellular glandular trichome Stalked unicellular-- glandular trichome Multicellular single trichome
Pollen micromorphology Incomplete reticulate with small supratectate granules Compactly rugulate with small supratectate granules Perforate