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Table 1 Species included in molecular phylogenetic analysis with GenBank accession numbers and voucher information

From: Recircumscription of Begonia sect. Baryandra (Begoniaceae): evidence from molecular data

Species GenBank accession Voucher
B. anisoptera JX656720 Rubite R479 (PNH)
B. calcicola JX656708 Peng P20761 (HAST)
B. camiguinensis JX656721 Rubite R506 (PNH)
B. chloroneura AF485134 Forrest 128 (E)
B. cleopatrae AF485133 Forrest 127 (E)
B. coronensis JX656715 Rubite R323 (PNH)
B. elmeri JX656714 Rubite R319 (PNH)
B. fenicis JX678218 Peng P18366 (HAST)
B. forbesii JX656704 Peng P22685 (HAST)
B. foxworthyii JX656702 Peng P22721 (HAST)
B. gueritziana JX678217 Peng 21976 (HAST)
B. hernandioides JX656707 Rubite R106 (PNH)
B. kingiana AF485139 Forrest 133 (E)
B. klemmei JX656709 Rubite R182 (PNH)
B. leprosa AY753722 Tebbitt 94 (BKL)
B. manillensis JX656713 Rubite R304 (PNH)
B. mindorensis JX656717 Rubite R354 (PNH)
B. morsei AF485130 No voucher
B. muricata AY753725 Hoover 901 (A)
B. oxysperma JX656710 Rubite R213 (PNH)
B. rajah AF485136 Forrest 130 (E)
B. rhombicarpa JX656719 Rubite R419 (PNH)
B. rubrifolia JX656711 Rubite R234 (PNH)
B. rufipila JX656712 Rubite R265 (PNH)
B. sp. nov. JX656701 Girmansyah & Hughes DEDEN1490 (E)
B. stictopoda JX656705 Hughes MH1409 (E)
B. subnummularifolia JX656722 No voucher
B. suborbiculata JX656716 Rubite R353 (PNH)
B. tayabensis JX656718 Rubite R360 (PNH)
B. tigrina JX656703 Peng P22720 (HAST)
B. umbraculifolia JF976054 Shui et al., SYM-B2005-086-sample2 (KUN)
B. wadei JX656706 Rubite 699 (PNH)