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Table 1 An overview of various floral traits such as type of inflorescence, flowering period, type of flower, colour of flower, odour of flower, presence of nector, flower opening time, anther dehiscence time, number of anthers per flower, average number of pollen grains per flower, average number of ovules per ovary, pollen-ovule ratio, type, shape, size and viability of pollen and stigma type of P. dasycaulon

From: Reproductive biology of Pittosporum dasycaulon Miq., (Family Pittosporaceae) a rare medicinal tree endemic to Western Ghats

Parameters Observations
Inflorescence Simple raceme
Flowering period February-April
Flower Hermaphrodite and zygomorphic
Flower colour Cream
Odour Mild fragarance
Nectar Nil
Flower opening 8:30–9:30 AM
Anther dehiscence Bursting inwards by slits
Number of anthers/flower 5
Average number of pollengrains/flower 20800
Average number of ovules/ovary 3-8
Pollen-ovule ratio 2600:01:00
Pollen type Trizonocolpate
Pollen shape Triangular
Pollen size 45 ± 5.6 μm
Pollen viability 64 ± 4%
Stigma type Capitate