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Table 1 Phloem turgor pressures measured with the PTPP and MTM methods (bar)

From: Real-time measurement of phloem turgor pressure in Hevea brasiliensis with a modified cell pressure probe

  Regenerated bark Original bark
Tree1 8.67 8.71 7.91 7.86
Tree2 10.16 10.11 10.14 10.12
Tree3 6.80 6.80 7.32 7.26
Tree4 7.62 7.56 7.44 7.42
Mean 8.31a 8.30a 8.20a 8.17a
  1. Notes: PTPP represents the phloem turgor pressure probe method and MTM represents the micropipette tip manometer method. Same superscript at upper-right of the means indicates no significant difference (P<0.05) could be identified between different methods. For the MTM measurements, up to five manometers were inserted to the same tree bark at the same height to the PTPP measurement, the maximum value was used as the final result. For the PTPP measurements, the phloem turgor pressure was directly read after the equilibrium pressure got.