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Table 2 Some examples of metalloproteins which can be modified by metal substitution

From: How plants cope with heavy metals

Metal Native metal Protein Reference
Cd, Cu, Fe, Mn, Pb, Zn Mg RuBisCo Reviewed in Van Assche and Clijsters 1990Siedlecka et al. 2001
Cd Mn Oxygen evolving complex in photosystem II Baszynski et al. 1980
U, Al, Pb Fe Ferritin Den Auwer et al. 2005Johnston et al. 1993Cvetkovic et al. 2010
Ni Zn Alanyl-tRNA editing hydrolase Cvetkovic et al. 2010
Zn Ca Endonuclease McCabe et al. 1992
Co Zn ATP sulfurylase Gavel et al. 1998
Pb, Cd Ca Calmodulin Habermann et al. 1983Richardt et al. 1986
  1. It should be noted that not all examples were determined in plants.