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Table 1 Ecological characteristics and biological traits of three Rhododendron species

From: How do leaf anatomies and photosynthesis of three Rhododendron species relate to their natural environments?

Species R. yunnanense R. irroratum R. delavayi
Life form Shrubs, rarely small trees Shrubs or small trees Shrubs or trees
Distribution Guizhou, S Shanxi, W Sichuan, Xizang, Yunnan W Guizhou, SW Sichuan, N and SE Yunnan NW Guangxi, W Guizhou, SW Sichuan, SE Xizang, Yunnan
Altitude (m) 2200-3600 1700-3500 1200-3200
Habitat Mixed forests on shade slopes, Abies-Picea or Pinus-Quercus forest margins, thickets Evergreen broad-leaved forests, mixed forests Mixed forests, evergreen broad-leaved forests, forest margins, thickets, hills, rocky slopes, open field
Flower period Apr-Jun Mar-May May
Fruit period Sep-Oct Sep-Oct Dec