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Table 3 Comparison of ability of supernatant and mycelium pellet of liquid culture of Humicola phialophoroides KVF-2 B6 to reduce disease incidence of Phytophthora blight of pepper caused by Phytophthora capsici a

From: Multiple resistance-activating substances produced by Humicola phialophoroides isolated from soil for control of Phytophthora blight of pepper

Treatment Inoculation siteb
Upper leaf surface (treated surface) Lower leaf surface (non-treated surface)
Infection rate (%) Lesion size (mm) Infection rate (%) Lesion size (mm)
Original culture 0 0 c 90 6 b
Supernatant 50 7 b 70 9 b
Mycelium pellet     
Sonification 30 4 bc 30 4 c
Grinding 10 1 c 30 2 c
Liquid medium (control) 100 15 a 80 11 a
  1. aFour leaves were treated with a liquid culture on the upper side daily for 3 days before inoculation on the 4th day on two upper leaves and two lower leaves.
  2. bValues followed by the same letter in the same column are not significantly different using Fisher’s least significant difference test at P = 0.05.