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Table 3 Gas exchanges of Drimys brasiliensis Miers leaves present at 1900 and 2100 m altitude in a Montane Cloud Forest in Itamonte, MG, Brazil

From: Comparison of leaf anatomy and essential oils from Drimys brasiliensis Miers in a montane cloud forest in Itamonte, MG, Brazil

  1900 2100
gs (mmolCO2.m−2.s−1) 0.20 a 0.46 b
Ci (g/mol) 187.62 a 394.54 b
E (mmolH2O.m−2.s−1) 3.14 a 7.18 b
  1. gs, Stomatal conductance; Ci, Internal carbon; E, Transpiration rate. Means followed by the same letter in rows (a, b) do not differ by the Scott-Knott test (P < 0.05).