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Table 4 HPLC analysis for luteolin and oleanolic acid contents in in vitro raised, wild and commercially available plant materials of Glossogyne tenuifolia

From: In vitro propagation and analysis of secondary metabolites in Glossogyne tenuifolia (Hsiang-Ju) - a medicinal plant native to Taiwan

Plant Samples Source / Treatment Oleanolic acid (mg/g of dw)* Luteolin (mg/g of dw)*
Commercial crude drug Dried herbs(Aboveground) 6.51 0.13
Dried herbs(Underground) 1.07 none
Wild type Chimei Island (Aboveground) 13.78 0.82
Chimei Island (Underground) none none
Wangan Island (aboveground) 14.58 0.72
Wangan Island (Underground) none none
In vitro shoots ½X MS basal medium (−PGRs) 3.29 0.47
Tissue culture plants (3 month old) in greenhouse Aboveground parts 16.89 0.84
Underground parts none none
  1. dw: Freeze-dried weight