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Table 3 Phylotypes of clones in 16S rRNA gene libraries

From: Comparison of soil bacterial communities in a natural hardwood forest and coniferous plantations in perhumid subtropical low mountains

Phylogenetic group Clone library (% of clones)
  Hardwood Calocedrus Cryptomeria
Acidobacteria 63.7a 68.5a 59.6a
Actinobacteria 1.8a 0.6a 0.0a
Bacteroidetes 0.0a 1.2a 1.2a
Chloroflexi 0.0b 1.2ab 3.7a
Firmicutes 0.0b 1.2ab 1.9ab
Nitrospira 0.6a 0.0a 0.0a
Planctomycetes 4.8a 0.0b 1.9ab
Proteobacteria 23.8a 25.6a 23.0a
α-Proteobacteria 15.5a 17.9a 11.8a
β-Proteobacteria 1.8a 0.6a 2.5a
γ-Proteobacteria 4.8a 3.0a 3.7a
δ-Proteobacteria 1.8b 4.2ab 4.3ab
Unclassified Proteobacteria 0.0a 0.0a 0.6a
Verrucomicrobia 5.4ab 1.8b 6.2a
Unclassified bacteria 0.0a 0.0a 2.5a
Total clone numbers 168 168 161
  1. Data with the same letter in each row indicates no significant difference by LSD test at P<0.05.