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Table 1 List of species included in this study with vouchers (herbarium location) and GenBank accession numbers for DNA sequences used in the phylogenetic analyses

From: A new Haniffia species (Zingiberaceae) and a new generic record from Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

Taxon Voucher trnK (includingmatK) ITS
Haniffia albiflora K. Larsen & Mood Kress #99-6370 (US) AF478855 AF478756
Haniffia cyanescens ( Ridl.) Holttum Julius et al. FRI56069 JF825538 JF825533
Haniffia flavescens Y.Y. Sam & Julius Julius et al. FRI57598 JF825539 JF825534
Haniffia santubongensis S.Y. Wong & P.C. Boyce P.C. Boyce & S.Y. Wong ZI22 KJ452785 KJ452784
Newmania orthostachys N.S. Lý & Škorničk. Lý 470 (VNM, E, P, SING) JF825540 JF825537
Newmania serpens N.S. Lý & Škorničk. Lý 332 (VNM, E, P, SING) JF825541 JF825536