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Table 3 Fatty acid composition of galactolipids, neutral lipids and phospholipids in roots of almond seedlings after exposure to two concentrations of cadmium

From: Effects of cadmium on lipids of almond seedlings (Prunus dulcis)

Acyl   Fatty acid composition (% of total)  
Lipids Treatment C16:0 C16:1 C18:0 C18:1 C18:2 C18:3 Unsaturation
MGDG 0 22.8a 2.8b 8.5a 20.6a 31.6a 13. 7b 68.7
  50 21.5a 4.3a 5.4a 13.0b 27.2b 28.6a 73.1
  150 22.7a 6.3a 9.1a 11.7b 19.8c 30.4a 68.2
DGDG 0 26.4b 3.4b 11.5b 21.1a 31.6a 6.0b 62.1
  50 28.5b 3.9b 14.7a 13.8b 33.1a 6.0b 56.8
  150 31.1a 5.5a 13.9a 10.2b 27.3b 12.0a 55
PC 0 28.7b 1.7a 8.8b 9.1a 39.2a 12.4a 66.6
  50 33.6a 1.7a 7.9b 9.4a 33.6b 13.9a 47.6
  150 32.3a 1.1a 12.4a 7.1a 32.8b 14.3a 47.1
PG 0 67.3a 5.2a 7.6c 7.9c 9.2b 2.8a 53.6
  50 60.8b 5.6a 9.5b 10.8b 10.0a 3.3a 41.1
  150 59.4b 5.3a 13.7a 9.8a 8.7c 3.1a 49.0
LN 0 35.5a 7.6a 6.6c 22.4a 24.0b 3.9b 57.9
  50 28.2b 8.6a 9.2b 18.3b 28.4a 7.2a 62.5
  150 26.8b 9.3a 11.5a 19.4b 27.3a 5.7a 61.7
  1. Means with different letters for each lipid class indicate a significant difference at P <0.05 using Duncan multiple range test.