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Table 2 Camparison of Begonia circularis with B. lanternaria and B. picturata

From: Six new species of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from limestone areas in Northern Vietnam

  B. circularis B. lanternaria B. picturata(Liu et al.[2005:]figures one and two)
 Maculation A pale ring ca. 1.5–2 cm from the margin against a dark green background With digitate, green or dark green bands along major veins and leaf margin With digitate, dark brown bands along major veins and leaf margin
 Adaxial surface Hispid Puberulous Villous-setose or tomentose-setose, bullate at base
 Abaxial surface Hispid on all veins Villous on major veins Densely shortly villous, particularly on veins
 Shape Oblong to ovate, boat-shaped, margin sparsely shortly fimbriate Elliptic to broadly-ovate, margin glandulose-ciliate Ovate, oblong to rounded, margin ciliate
 Length (mm) 6–10 × 2.5–4 5–9 × 4–6.5 4.5–15 × 4.5–8
Male flower    
 Outer tepal size (mm) 14–19 × 13–16 7–9 × 6–8 14–22 × 14–17
 Inner tepal size (mm) 10–13 × 2–4 5.5–6 × 2–3 10–19 × 4.–5.5
 Vestiture on outer tepals Sparsely setulose to glabrous Glandulose-pilose Villous-setose
Female flower    
 Ovary With minute sessile glands Glandulose-pilose Villous-setose or hispid-setose
 Wings on ovary Deltate Crescent-shaped Crescent-shaped