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Table 4 Camparison of Begonia locii with B. luochengensis and B. pengii

From: Six new species of Begonia (Begoniaceae) from limestone areas in Northern Vietnam

  B. locii B. luochengensis(Ku et al.[2004]: figures four and five) B. pengii(Ku et al.[2008]: figures one and two)
 Attachment Basifixed Basifixed Peltate
 Venation near petiole Spider-web like Pinnate Spider-web like
 Adaxial vestiture Scabrous, bullate at base Villous Scabrous, bullate at base
Stipule Triangular-ovate, abaxially sparsely velutinous along midrib, margin entire or sparsely ciliate-dentate Widely triangular-ovate, abaxially sparsely villous to glabrous, margin ciliate-dentate or long-ciliate Narrowly triangular-ovate, glabrous, margin eciliate
 Margin Gland-tipped denticulate Sparsely ciliate-serrate. Denticulate and ciliate
 Peduncle Tomentose to glabrous Glabrous Pilose or hispid-villous
Female flower    
 Ovary Hirsute Glabrous Pilose or villous-pilose
 Body size (mm) 10–15 × 4–5 11–17 × 6–7 18–25 × 6–13
 Width of lateral wings (mm) 4–6 3–4 2–3
 Width of abaxial wing (mm) 6–7 10–12.5 7–11