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Table 1 Taiwan Ficus taxa and their associated pollinating and non-pollinating wasp species

From: Ficus (Moraceae) and fig wasps (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) in Taiwan

Ficus Fig wasps References
Subgenus Urostigma (monoecious)
F. benjamina L. var. bracteata Corner Eupristina koninsbergeriP* Grandi [1916]
  Philotrypesis distallatoria Grandi [1926]; Chou and Wong [1997]
  Micranisa sp1 Sycoryctini sp. Bain A. unpublished data; Segar et al. [2012]
F. caulocarpa Miq. Platyscapa fischeriP* Wiebes [1977]; Yokoyama and Iwatsuki [1998]
  Platyscapa hsui P Chen and Chou [1997]
  Camarothorax sp2* Yokoyama and Iwatsuki [1998]
  Otitesella clarae* Wiebes [1977]; Yokoyama and Iwatsuki [1998]
F. microcarpa L. f. Eupristina verticillata P Waterston [1921]; Chen and Chou [1997]
  Walkerella kurandensis Bouček [1988]; Chen et al. [1999]
  Walkerella microcarpae Bouček [1993]; Yang H-W unpublished data
  Acophila microcarpa Chen et al. [1999]
  Bruchophagus sensoriae  
  Meselatus bicolor  
  Micranisa degastris  
  Ormyrus lini  
  Philotrypesis taiwanensis  
  Sycophila curta  
  Sycophila maculafacies  
  Sycophila petiolata  
  Sycoryctes moneres  
  Odontofroggatia quinifuniculus Feng and Huang [2010]; Yang H-W unpublished data
  Philotrypesis emeryi Grandi [1926]; Chen et al. [1999]
  Eufroggattisca okivanensis Ishii [1934]; Chen et al. [1999]
  Odontofroggatia gajimaru  
  Philotrypesis okinavensis  
  Sycoscapter gajimaru  
  Micranisa yashiroi* Ishii [1934]; Yokoyama and Iwatsuki [1998]; Beardsley [1998]
  Conidarnes sp1 Cruaud et al. [2011]
  Odontofroggatia corneri Wiebes [1980]; Chen et al. [1999]
  Odontofroggatia galili Odontofroggatia ishii  
F. subpisocarpa Gagnep. Platyscapa ishiiana P Grandi, [1923]; Chen and Chou, [1997]
subsp. subpisocarpa Corner Otitesella ako Ishii, [1934]; Bain A. unpublished data
  Acophila mikii  
  Philotrypesis sp1* Yokoyama and Iwatsuki [1998]
  Sycoscapter sp1*  
  Camarothorax sp1*  
  Camarothorax sp2, sp3 Bain A. unpublished data
F. subpisocarpa Gagnep. Micranisa sp1 Bain A. unpublished data
subsp. subpisocarpa Ormyrus sp1, sp2  
Corner Philotrypesis sp1  
  Sycophila sp1, sp2, sp3, sp4, sp5  
  Walkerella sp1  
  Arachonia sp1 Cruaud et al. [2011]; Segar et al. [2012]; Bain A. unpublished data
  Sycoryctes sp1  
  Sycoscapter sp2  
F. religiosa L. Platyscapa quadraticeps P Mayr [1885]; Chen and Chou [1997]
  Otitesella digitata* Westwood [1883]; Wiebes [1966]
  Otitesella religiosa*  
  Sycoscapter gracilipes*  
  Sycoscapteridea monilifera*  
  Philotrypesis anguliceps* Westwood [1883]; Wiebes [1966]; Bouček [1988]
Subgenus Ficus (dioecious)   
F. erecta Thunb. var. beecheyana King Blastophaga nipponica P Grandi [1921]; Chen and Chou [1997]
  Sycoscapter inubiae, sp1 Ishii [1934]; Tzeng et al. [2006b], Tzeng et al. [2008]
F. formosana Maxim. Blastophaga taiwanensis P Chen and Chou [1997]
  Sycoscapter sp1, sp2 Tzeng et al. [2008]
F. pedunculosa Miq. var. pedunculosa Blastophaga peducunlosae P Chen and Chou [1997]
  (Parasitic fauna unknown)  
F. pedunculosa Miq. var. mearnsii Corner Blastophaga peducunlosae P Chen and Chou [1997]
  Apocrypta sp. Bain, unpublished data
F. ruficaulis Merr. Valisia filippina P Wiebes [1993]; Chen and Chou [1997]; Cruaud et al. [2010]
  (Parasitic fauna unknown)  
F. tannoensis Hay. Blastophaga tannoensis P Chen and Chou [1997]
F. triloba Buch.-Ham. subsp. triloba Corner Valisia esquirolianae P Chen and Chou [1997]; Cruaud et al. [2010]
  Sycoryctini sp. Segar et al. [2012]; Bain A. pers. obs.
F. vaccinoides Hemsl. Blastophaga yeni P Chen and Chou [1997]
  (Parasitic fauna unknown)  
Subgenus Pharmacosycea (monoecious)   
F. nervosa subsp. nervosa Heyne Dolichoris nervosae nervosae P * Hill [1967]
  Philotrypesis sp1  
  Sycoscapter sp1  
F. nervosa subsp pubinervis Blume Dolichoris valentineP* Grandi [1916]
  (Parasitic fauna unknown)  
Subgenus Synoecia (dioecious)   
F. pumila L. var. pumila Wiebesia pumilae P Hill [1967]; Chen and Chou [1997]
  Wiebesia sp.P Wang et al. [2013]
  No parasitic wasp in Taiwan  
F. pumila L. var. awkeotsang Corner Wiebesia pumilae P Hill [1967]
  Wiebesia sp.P Wang et al. [2013]
  No parasitic wasp in Taiwan  
F. punctata Thunb. f. aurantiacea Corner Wiebesia contubernalis P Grandi [1927a]; Chen and Chou [1997]
  Sycoscapter sp. Chou and Yeh [1995]
F. sarmentosa Buch.-Ham. Wiebesia callida P Grandi [1927a]; Chen and Chou [1997]
var. nipponica Corner (Parasitic fauna unknown)  
F. trichocarpa Blume Wiebesia vechtiP* Wiebes [1993]
  (Parasitic fauna unknown)  
Subgenus Sycidium (dioecious)
F. ampelas Burm. f. Krabidia sumatrana P Wiebes [1993]; Chen and Chou, [1997]
  Philotrypesis distallatoria Grandi [1926]; Chang [2003]
  Philotrypesis jacobsoni Grandi [1926]; Chou and Wong [1997]
  Sycoryctes sp1, sp2 Chang [2003]
  Epichrysomallinae sp.  
F. cumingii Miq. Krabidia panchoi P Wiebes [1993]; Chen and Chou [1997]
  (Parasitic fauna unknown)  
F. heteropleura Blume Krabidia dubiumP* Grandi [1926]; Cruaud et al. [2010]
  (Parasitic fauna unknown)  
F. irisana Elm. Krabidia commuta P Wiebes [1993]; Chen and Chou [1997]
  Herodotia sp. Chen [1998]
  Philotrypesis sp1, sp2  
  Sycophila sp1, sp2  
  Sycoscapter sp.  
F. tinctoria G. Forst. subsp. swinhoei King Krabidia gibbosae P Hill [1967]; Chen and Chou [1997]; Cruaud et al. [2010]
  Neosycophila sp. Huang [2007]
  Philotrypesis sp1, sp2  
  Sycoscapter sp.  
  Eufroggatisca sp. Tzeng H-Y unpublished data
  Sycoryctes sp.  
  Sycophila sp.  
F. virgata Reinw. Krabidia philippinensis P Hill [1969]; Chen and Chou [1997]; Cruaud et al. [2010]
  Krabidia virgataeP* Hill [1969]; Cruaud et al. [2010]
  Krabidia sessilisP*  
F. virgata Reinw. Camarothorax sp. Bain A. unpublished data
  Philotrypesis sp.  
  Sycoryctini sp. Segar et al. [2012]; Bain A. unpublished data
Subgenus Sycomorus (dioecious)
F. benguetensis Merr. Ceratosolen wui P Chen and Chou [1997]
  Philotrypesis sp1, sp2 Bain A. unpublished data
  Sycoscapter sp1, sp2  
F. septica Burm. Ceratosolen bisulcatus bisulcatusP* Mayr [1885]; Wiebes [1994]
  Ceratosolen bisulcatus jucundus P Grandi [1927b]; Wiebes [1994]; Lin et al. [2011]
  Ceratosolen sp.P  
  Sycophaga sp.* Bain A. unpublished data; Cruaud et al. [2011]
  Philotrypesis sp1, sp2 Ho [2009]
  Sycoscapter sp.  
  Philotrypesis spinipes Mayr [1885]; Chou and Wong [1997]
  Philotrypesis bimaculata*  
F. variegata Blume Ceratosolen appendiculatus P Mayr [1885]; Chen and Chou [1997]
  Apocrypta caudata* Weiblen et al. [1995]
  Sycophaga spinitarsus* Mayr [1885]; Rasplus J.-Y. pers. obs.
  Sycoscapter patellaris* (; Cruaud et al. [2011]
  1. The pollinating wasps are noted with a superscripted p whereas the wasp species not yet observed in Taiwan but reported elsewhere for these fig taxa are noted with an asterisk (*). The last column displays the references of the description, the name modifications of the given species and/or the observations on these species.