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Table 1 The influence of IBA and sucrose concentrations on rooting of in vitro shoots in Saussurea involucrata Kar. et Kir

From: In vitro culture and production of syringin and rutin in Saussurea involucrata (Kar. et Kir.) – an endangered medicinal plant

IBA (mg/L−1)* Sucrose % % of shoots rooted** Av. no. of roots/explant** Av. root length (cm)** Av. shoot height (cm)**
0.1 1.5 100a 3.57abc 5.8a 4.50bc
3.0 100a 2.71a 5.6a 3.57ab
0.5 1.5 79c 3.00ab 4.3ab 4.87a
3.0 93a 3.92abc 5.7ab 4.14abc
1.0 1.5 86ab 3.33abc 4.5a 5.91abc
3.0 100a 6.00abc 6.5a 5.07a
  1. *1/2X MSBM: Murashige and Skoog ([1962]) basal medium (salts and vitamins), supplemented with 3 % sucrose, 0.9 % agar, pH 5.7 ± 0.1. Data were recorded after 7 weeks of culture. Shoots were cultured on IBA containing medim for 1 week and then transferred to PGR free MSBM containing 1.5 % or 3 % sucrose and 0.9 % agar and further incubation for 6 weeks, respectively
  2. **Each treatment had thirty explants with three replicates. Means followed by the same letter (a,b,c) of a column are not significantly different at 5 % level by least significant difference (LSD) test