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Table 1 Comparison of taxonomical characters between Pittosporum longisepalum and P. peridoticola

From: Pittosporum peridoticola (Pittosporaceae), a new ultramafic obligate species restricted to Kinabalu Park (Sabah, Malaysia)

Character P. longisepalum P. peridoticola
Leaf size (cm) 4–6 × 1.5–2 2–4 × 0.8–2
Leaf shape Elliptic Obovate
Leaf apex Acute to acuminate Rounded, acute to shortly cuspidate
Leaf base Cuneate, decurrent Cuneate, decurrent
Leaf hairiness Slightly pubescent beneath Glabrescent, glabrous when mature
Veins in upper surface Secondary veins slightly impressed Secondary veins slightly impressed
Number of veins 5–7 pairs 4–6 pairs
Flowering habit Among leaves Among leaves
Petal length (mm) ~8 6–16 mm
Ovary Hairy Hairy
Sepal length (mm) ~7 3–4 mm
Peduncle length (cm) + hairiness 2–3; hairy 1–2.5; hairy
Leaf margin Entire; recurved Entire; slightly recurved
Petiole (mm) ~5 Very short to c. 3
Filament length (mm) ~3 5 mm
Anther Oblong; apiculate Oblong; apiculate
Style ~1.5 mm 2.5 mm
Stigma Capitate Capitate