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Table 3 Pollen and seed morphological characters in all taxa

From: Micro-morphological study of Evolvulus spp. (Convolvulaceae): the old world medicinal plants

Plant taxa E. alsinoides var. decumbens (KK & PT 12) E. alsinoides var. decumbens (KK & PT 13) E. glomeratus ssp. grandiflorus E. nummularius
Pollen morphology
 Pollen unit Monad Monad Monad Monad
 Size polar axis (P) (µm) 29–32 27–33 39–45 28–33
 Size equatorial axis (E) (µm) 28–31 29–33 41–47 28–33
 Shape Spheroidal Spheroidal Spheroidal Spheroidal
 Aperture 15-pantocolpate 15-pantocolpate 15-pantocolpate 15-pantocolpate
 Ornamentation Microechinate Microechinate Microechinate Microechinate
Seed morphology
 Shape Ovoid Ovoid No material available Broadly elliptic
 Size 1–1.5 × 1–1.5 1–1.5 × 1–1.5 No material available 1.5–2 × 1–1.5
 Color Yellow/orange/red/brown Yellow/orange/red/brown No material available Yellow/brown
 Surface Glabrous Glabrous No material available Glabrous
 Epidermal cell shape Irregular, polygonal Irregular, polygonal No material available Irregular, polygonal
 Anticlinal boundaries Undulate Undulate No material available Undulate
 Periclinal cell wall Folded Folded No material available Flattened to concave