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Table 3 Tukey’s multiple-range test of leaf characteristics and chlorophyll concentration of Cyclocarya paliurus leaves after a Two-way ANOVA

From: Effect of light regime and provenance on leaf characteristics, growth and flavonoid accumulation in Cyclocarya paliurus (Batal) Iljinskaja coppices

Treatment Level Leaf area (cm2) Leaf thickness (μm) Palisade length (μm) Total chlorophyll concentration (mg g−1) Chlorophyll a/b
Shading (A) A1 932a 267.4c 122.7c 1.49a 3.83c
A2 1259b 143.9b 72.7b 1.92b 3.59b
A3 1167ab 123.0a 60.6a 2.01b 3.39a
Provenance (B) B1 1035a 161.6a 81.6a 2.01c 3.78c
B2 939a 206.3b 96.3b 1.62a 3.40a
B3 1384b 166.5a 78.0a 1.79ab 3.63b