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Table 2 Inhibitory effect of the aqueous extracts from three Glycine species on the α-glucosidase and aldose reductase inhibition

From: Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antidiabetic effects of the aqueous extracts from Glycine species and its bioactive compounds

Species and positive controls α-Glucosidase inhibitor IC50 value (µg/mL) Aldose reductase inhibitor IC50 value (µg/mL)
AGM 405.83 244.81
AGT 211.17 148.98
AGTa 188.1 126.42
Acarbose 517.98 N.D.a
Genistein 20.91 42.52
Daidzein 13.69 31.95
  1. Values represented mean ± SD of three parallel measurements
  2. a N.D. not detected