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Table 2 The list of representative isolates used for phylogenetic analysis

From: Identification and trichothecene genotypes of Fusarium graminearum species complex from wheat in Taiwan

Species of FGSC and isolate SCAR typea Trichothecene genotype Accession number
Reductase TEF-1α
F. asiaticum
 Daya350-5 Type 5 NIV KT372157 KT380119
 Daya211-2 Type 5 NIV KT372158 KT380120
 Fanyuan1-13 Type 5 NIV KT372159 KT380121
 R-p-1 Type 5 15-ADON KT372149 KT380111
 Daya350-3 Type 5 15-ADON KT372162 KT380124
 Daya211-6 Type 5 15-ADON KT372164 KT380126
 Xinwu1-1 Type 5 15-ADON KT372163 KT380125
 Daya350-11 Type 3 15-ADON KT372147 KT380109
 Daya350-12 Type 3 15-ADON KT372152 KT380114
 Daya272-14 Type 3 15-ADON KT372153 KT380115
 Daya350-2 Type 4 NIV KT372154 KT380116
 Daya272-6 Type 4 NIV KT372155 KT380117
 Pingzhen1-13 Type 4 NIV KT372156 KT380118
 Daya350-13 Type 4 15-ADON KT372160 KT380122
 k-r-1 Type 4 15-ADON KT372150 KT380112
 Guanying 1-5 Type 4 15-ADON KT372161 KT380123
F. graminearum s. str.
 Daya211-13 Type 1 15-ADON KT334553 KT380127
F. meridionale
 Fanyuan1-11 Type 5 NIV KT372148 KT380110
Unknown species
 Daya272-3 Type 2 NIV KT372151 KT380113
  1. aThe SCAR types were defined by Carter et al. (2002). Type 1 is 410 bp; Type 2 is 479 bp; Type 3 is 527 bp; Type 4 is 557 bp; Type 5 is 479 bp. Type 2 and Type 5 are different in nucleotide sequences