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Table 3 Nucleotide variation in ITS detected among isolates of Phellinus noxius in Taiwan

From: Phellinus noxius: molecular diversity among isolates from Taiwan and its phylogenetic relationship with other species of Phellinus based on sequences of the ITS region

Kind of variant Sequence position Nucleotide variation
Single nucleotide polymorphism Deletion Insertion
 V1/V1* 19 G, A/R   
 V2 31 T, C   
 V3/V3* 32 G, C/S   
 V4 114 G, C   
 V5 116–117    GGAGAG
 V6 117–118 TG, AT   
 V7 125–126 TC, AT   
 V8/V8* 129 T, A/C   
 V9 135–142   ATTTATTC  
 V10 152 A, G   
 V11 168 C, T   
 V12 193   A  
 V13 197 T, C   
 V14/V14* 420 T, C/Y   
 V15/V15* 442 G, A/R   
 V16/V16* 469 A, G/R   
 V17/V17* 546 A, G/R   
 V18/V18* 593 C, G/S   
 V19 594–595   AC  
 V20 600–601    C
  1. *The variants with an asterisk symbol represent isolates with single nucleotide polymorphisms among chromosomes in the same isolate