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Table 1 Comparative morphology of Trigonochilum cimiciferum, T. koenigerii, and T. midas

From: Taxonomy of Cyrtochilum-alliance (Orchidaceae) in the light of molecular and morphological data

Character T. cimiciferum T. koenigerii T. midas
Pseudobulbs Rounded-ovoid, 5–8 × 1.5–2.5 mm Oblong-cylindrical, 7 × 4 cm Ovoid, 4–10 × 2–3 cm
Leaves Narrowly ovate, 20–40 × 1.5–3 cm Linear-oblanceolate to linear-oblong, 38 × 3.5 cm wide Elongate-obovate, acuminate, up to 65 × 2 cm
Pedicellate ovary 10–30 mm About 28 mm Up to 20 mm
Flower Brownish-yellow with brown spots, with yellow lip callus Brown with yellow lip callus Almost completely white with whitish to yellow lip callus
Sepals Spathulate to rotundate, rounded-acute, acute or acuminate Unguiculate to spathulate, elliptic-oblanceolate, subacute or subobtuse Spathulate, ovate, acuminate
Petals Subsessile, obovate-elliptic to narrowly obovate or oblanceolate, acute Subsessile, oblong elliptic-obovate, acute Subsessile, ovate, acuminate
Lip Ovate, ovate-triangular to elliptic-obovate; disc with a fleshy callus in the basal half Widely triangular to ovate-triangular; disc with a fleshy, complicated callus in the basal 2/3 and two subglobose thickenings at the base Cordate to truncate; callus a central, longitudinal, fleshy structure, extending from the base to 2/3 of the disc length, terminating in digitate knobs or denticles