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Table 1 A summary of geoecological studies conducted on ultramafic outcrops in South and Southeast Asia

From: Ultramafic geoecology of South and Southeast Asia

Country Area of study References
India Bioremediation of chromite mines and nickel recovery by fungi Acharya et al. (1998), Biswas et al. (2013), Bohidar et al. (2009), Ghosh and Paul (2015), Mishra et al. (2009)
Discovery of nickel hyperaccumulators Datta et al. (2015)
Forest vegetation structure Prasad et al. (2007)
Heavy metal leaching into groundwater Dhakate and Singh (2008)
Heavy metal tolerance in ultramafic soil-associated microbes Pal et al. (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007), Pal and Paul (2012)
Origin and serpentinization of ultramafic rocks in the Indo-Myanmar subduction zone Ningthoujam et al. (2012), Soibam et al. (2015)
Phytoremediation of and bioaccumulation of metals from chromite mines Mohanty et al. (2011, 2012)
Plant–soil elemental relations on a chromite mine Samantaray et al. (2001)
Remote sensing for detecting and mapping ultramafic vegetation Chaudhury et al. (2015)
Ultramafic geology, geochemisty, mineral prospecting Banerjee (1972), Chakraborty and Chakraborty (1984), Bhatta and Ghosh (2014), Mandal et al. (2015), Mitra (1973)
Indonesia Acidification of serpentinite-derived soils Fujii et al. (2011)
Floristics and plant community structure Proctor et al. (1994), van Balgooy and Tantra (1986)
Geochemistry, petrography and thermobarometry of the ultramafics Linthout and Helmers (1994)
Nickel hyperaccumulators and phytotechnologies Netty et al. (2012), van der Ent et al. (2013a)
Species discovery on ultramafic soils Cheek (2015)
Malaysia Copper accumulation in ultramafic plants van der Ent and Reeves (2015)
Discovery of nickel hyperaccumulators Hoffmann et al. (2003), van der Ent and Mulligan (2015), van der Ent et al. (2013b, 2016b, c)
Ecology of nickel hyperaccumulators: nickel insects van der Ent et al. (2015f)
Floristics, plant–soil relations, ultramafic endemism Chen et al. (2014), Fowlie (1985), Peng et al. (2015), Proctor et al. (1988a, b, 1989), Sugau and van der Ent (2016), van der Ent and Wood (2013), Wood and van der Ent (2012), Wong and van der Ent (2014), van der Ent and Wong (2015), van der Ent and Vanijajiva (2014)
Metal localization; nuclear microprobe imaging analyses Mesjasz-Przybylowicz et al. (2015)
Ultramafic forest vegetation structure, plant ecology, community ecology Adam (2002), Aiba et al. (2015), Aiba and Kitayama (1999), Brearley (2005), Bruijnzeel et al. (1993), Kitayama (1992), Proctor et al. (1988a, b), Sawada et al. (2015), Tashakor et al. (2013), van der Ent et al. (2015a, b, f, 2016a)
Ultramafic geochemistry Tashakor et al. (2011, 2013)
Ultramafic plant–other biota interactions Wells et al. (2011)
  Ultramafic-associated insects and soil invertebrates Chung et al. (2013), Hasegawa et al. (2006), Jones et al. (2010), Leakey and Proctor (1987)
Myanmar Mineralogy of jadeitite and related rocks, including serpentinites Shi et al. (2012)
Pakistan Ultramafic geochemistry and soil–plant metal relations Kfayatullah et al. (2001), Naseem et al. (2009), Shah et al. (2010, 2014)
Philippines Discovery of Ni hyperaccumulators Baker et al. (1992), Fernando et al. (2014), Gotera et al. (2014), Hoffmann et al. (2003), Quimado et al. (2015)
Herbivory on ultramafic soils Proctor et al. (2000a)
Metal tolerance in mycorrhizal fungi of ultramafic soils Aggangan et al. (1998)
Phytomining considerations Fernando et al. (2013)
Species discovery on ultramafic soils Argent et al. (2007), Fernando and Rodda (2013), Fleischmann et al. (2011)
Ultramafic forest vegetation structure and soil–plant relations Bruijnzeel (1990), Proctor et al. (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000b)
Ultramafic soil and forest litter invertebrates Thomas and Proctor (1997)
Sri Lanka Antimicrobial activities of ultramafic-associated plants Rajakaruna et al. (2002)
Ecotypic differentiation of ultramafic taxa Chathuranga et al. (2015)
Phyto- and bio-remediation of ultramafic soils; soil remediation Bandara et al. (2017), Herath et al. (2014), Kumarathilaka et al. (2016), Seneviratne et al. (2016a, b)
Soil–plant relations including floristics, soil–plant elemental relations, discovery of nickel and copper hyperaccumulators Brooks (1987), Rajakaruna and Baker (2004), Rajakaruna and Bohm (2002), Samithri (2015), Senevirathne et al. (2000), Weerasinghe and Iqbal (2011)
Ultramafic geology and geochemistry Dissanayaka (1982), Dissanayake and Van Riel (1978), Munasinghe and Dissanayake (1980), Hewawasam et al. (2014), Rajapaksha et al. (2012, 2013), Ranasinghe (1987), Tennakoon et al. (2007), Vithanage et al. (2014)
Southeast Asia: Regional Overviews Floristics, plant–soil elemental relations, metal accumulators, quantitative bedrock (including ultramafic) geology of Southeast Asia Brooks (1987), Brooks et al. (1977a, b), Brooks and Wither (1977), Peucker-Ehrenbrink and Miller (2004), Proctor (1992, 2003), Reeves (2003), van der Ent et al. (2015c, d), Wither and Brooks (1977)
Thailand Petrography and geochemistry of ultramafic rocks Hisada et al. (2004), Macdonald and Barr (1984), Orberger et al. (1995)
Vietnam Heavy metal (Cr, Ni, Co) leaching from chromite mine Kien et al. (2010)
  Ultramafic geology Thanh et al. (2014)
  1. Information within columns organized in alphabetical order