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Fig. 1

From: Identification among morphologically similar Argyreia (Convolvulaceae) based on leaf anatomy and phenetic analyses

Fig. 1

The epidermal cell walls on adaxial (af) and abaxial leaf surfaces (gl) under light microscope (LM). a A. breviscapa, b A. kerrii, c A. suddeeana, d A. variabilis and f Argyreia 2, straight to slightly curved walls. e Argyreia 1, sinuate walls. g A. breviscapa and j A. variabilis, straight to slightly curved. h A. kerrii, i A. suddeeana, k Argyreia 1 and l Argyreia 2, sinuate (ep epidermal cell, st stomata, tr trichome). Scale bar 50 µm

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