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Table 2 The up- and down-regulated genes in protocorms of G. elata compared with seeds

From: Transcriptomic analyses reveal clathrin-mediated endocytosis involved in symbiotic seed germination of Gastrodia elata

Unigene ID Putative gene Refseq Ratio change
c113523_g1 CHC XP_010907410.1 2.56*
c113909_g1 CLC XP_008802347.1 1.89
c29883_g1 AP-1 β XP_009385856.1 1.92
c36857_g1 AP-1 μ XP_010923038.1 1.28
c49102_g1 AP-1 σ AFS50008.1 2.26*
c98691_g1 AP-1 γ XP_010913560.1 2.31*
c29046_g1 AP-2 μ XP_007039526.1 1.68
c33125_g1 AP-2 α XP_010933729.1 2.59*
c126705_g1 AP-3 δ XP_009396369.1 0.9
c29490_g1 AP-3 σ XP_010939294.1 1.54
c46833_g1 AP-3 β XP_010937611.1 0.95
c50113_g1 AP-3 μ XP_010921397.1 1.17
c43068_g1 AP-4 ε XP_010909540.1 2.09*
c50920_g1 AP-4 σ XP_007152949.1 2.39*
c28875_g1 Adaptin XP_008792344.1 2.40*
c50842_g1 AP180 XP_009396332.1 2.18*
c36930_g2 Epsin 1 XP_008799757.1 2.04*
c50396_g1 Epsin 2 XP_009392171.1 1.62
c45022_g1 Epsin 3 XP_010922341.1 0.96
c29413_g1 DRP3 XP_008794571.1 3.07*
c32547_g1 DRP5 XP_010918171.1 3.84*
c43852_g2 DRP1 XP_010933528.1 5.75*
c56183_g1 DRP2 XP_008779526.1 2.48*
c29657_g1 HSC70 XP_011094842.1 2.08*
c33306_g1 HSC70 XM_009382388.1 2.45*
c7920_g1 HSC70 XP_011027182.1 2.23*
  1. Only differential expression genes with change ratios ≥2 (up) or ≤0.5 (down) were marked with asterisk (*). Transcriptomic analyses were performed on the seeds and protocorms of G. elata. Of the 26 genes involved in clathrin-mediated endocytosis, 16 genes were found to be significantly up-regulated in the protocorms based on RNA-seq analyses. CHC clathrin heavy chain, CLC clathrin light chain, AP-1 β/μ/σ/γ adaptor protein-1 complex subunit beta/mu/sigma/gamma, AP-2 α/μ adaptor protein-2 complex subunit alpha/mu, AP-3 δ/σ/β/μ adaptor protein-3 complex subunit delta/sigma/beta/mu, AP-4 ε/σ adaptor protein-4 complex subunit epsilon/sigma, AP180 clathrin assembly protein, espin clathrin interactor epsin, DRP dynamin-related protein, HSC70 heat shock cognate 70 kDa