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Table 2 Threat assessment of selected species from Itremo, Central Highlands, Madagascar, based on mature seed traits

From: Collecting near mature and immature orchid seeds for ex situ conservation: ‘in vitro collecting’ as a case study

Taxon Life form Geographic distribution  Percent average full seeds Percent germination (mature) Percent TTC viability Conservation priority
Aerangis ellisii LP Core 27.7 2.3 1.9 High priority
Aerangis sp EP Peripheral 81.3 0.16 N/A High priority
Angraecum calceolus LP Core 58.8 N/A Medium priority
Angraecum rhynchoglossum EP Core 85.3 0 N/A Medium priority
Angraecum rutenbergianum LP Core 78.5 39.4 65.2 Medium priority
Benthamia cinnabarina TR Core 85.6 4.7 85.7 High priority
Benthamia rostrata TR Core 86.4 8.2 10.5 Medium priority
Bulbophyllum bicoloratum EP Peripheral 88 0 0 High priority
Bulbophyllum peyrotii EP Core 98.4 92 87.3 Not under threat
Disa incarnata TR Core 60.5 8 0.3 Medium priority
Habenaria ambositrana TR Core 92 15.3 44.4 Medium priority
Jumellea amplifolia LP Peripheral 88.3 0 0 High Priority
Liparis sp TR Core 68.8 6.1 N/A Medium priority
Oeceoclades calcarata LP Peripheral 12.6 0 65.9 High priority
Polystachya fusiformis LP Core 70.1 65.13 43.8 Not under threat
Polystachya. sp LP Core 84.8 0 0 High priority
Polystachya. sp EP Core 17.7 0 N/A High priority
Satyrum trinerve TR Core 77.7 14.9 0 Medium priority
Tylostigma nigrescens TR Core 76.9 28.6 36.9 Not under threat
  1. Categorisation: High Priority, Medium Priority and Not Under Threat currently. Geographic distribution refers to the range within core protected area or peripheral protected area, Itremo, Madagascar
  2. TR terrestrial, EP Epiphyte, LP Lithophyte as found in the field, N/A data not available