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TableĀ 1 Detailed information of 36 samples used in the present study

From: Identification of seeds based on molecular markers and secondary metabolites in Senna obtusifolia and Senna occidentalis

No. Name Haplotypes GenBank accessions Voucher no. No. Name Haplotypes GenBank accessions Voucher no.
1 HN-DZ-12a A1 MF061316 TCMNP-1241 19 JS-TZ-14 A2 MF061317 TCMNP-1481
2 HN-ZMD-12 A3 MF085547 TCMNP-1242 20 ZJ-HZ-15 A3 MF085555 TCMNP-1571
3 HN-ZMD-13 A3 MF085550 TCMNP-1341 21 SX-YL-O13 B1 MF085530 TCMNP-0301
4 HN-ZMD-14a A3 MF085548 TCMNP-1441 22 SX-YL-O14 B1 MF085531 TCMNP-0401
5 SX-YL-13 A1 MF067418 TCMNP-1301 23 SX-YL-O15 B1 MF085532 TCMNP-0501
6 SX-YL-14 A1 MF067419 TCMNP-1401 24 SX-SL-O14 B1 MF085533 TCMNP-0402
7 SX-YL-15 A1 MF067420 TCMNP-1501 25 SX-SL-O15 B1 MF085534 TCMNP-0502
8 SX-SL-15 A3 MF085549 TCMNP-1502 26 SX-LN-O14 B1 MF085535 TCMNP-0403
9 SX-WN-14 A1 MF067421 TCMNP-1402 27 HN-DZ-O14 B1 MF085536 TCMNP-0441
10 SX-LN-14 A1 MF067422 TCMNP-1503 28 YN-KM-O14 B1 MF085537 TCMNP-0461
11 SX-LN-15 A1 MF067423 TCMNP-1403 29 JS-YZ-O14 B1 MF085538 TCMNP-0481
12 Vietnam-14 A1 MF067424 TCMNP-14F1 30 JS-HA-O14 B1 MF085539 TCMNP-0482
13 Myanmar-14 A2 MF067425 TCMNP-14F2 31 GX-NN-O15 B1 MF085540 TCMNP-0551
14 SC-CD-14 A3 MF061318 TCMNP-1491 32 GX-BS-O15 B1 MF085541 TCMNP-0553
15 SD-HZ-15 A3 MF085551 TCMNP-1531 33 GX-YL-O15 B1 MF085542 TCMNP-0552
16 HB-AG-15 A3 MF085552 TCMNP-1521 34 GD-MM-O14 B1 MF085543 TCMNP-0431
17 AH-BZ-14 A3 MF085553 TCMNP-1461 35 GD-GZ-O14 B1 MF085544 TCMNP-0432
18 GX-YL-15 A3 MF085554 TCMNP-1551 36 JX-PX-O14 B1 MF085545 TCMNP-0493
  1. HN-ZMD-14 indicated that the sample was collected from Zhumadian city, Henan province in 2014
  2. aIndicated these samples were collected from wild field and the other samples were collected from the cultivars fields or experimental fields