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Table 1 Success rate statistics of gene annotation

From: Identification of differentially expressed genes in sunflower (Helianthus annuus) leaves and roots under drought stress by RNA sequencing

Term Number of unigenes Percentage
Annotated in NR 36,286 58.28
Annotated in NT 12,683 20.37
Annotated in KO 12,043 19.34
Annotated in Swiss Prot 26,583 42.7
Annotated in PFAM 25,009 40.17
Annotated in GO 28,579 45.9
Annotated in KOG 14,038 22.55
Annotated in all databases 4152 6.66
Annotated in at least one database 39,356 63.22
Total 62,252 100
  1. NR, NT, KO, Swiss Prot, PFAM, GO and DOG indicate the database of NCBI non-redundant protein sequences, NCBI, nucleotide sequences, Kyoto Encyclopedia Genes and Genomes Orthology, a manually annotated and reviewed protein sequence database, Protein family, Gene ontology and euKaryotic Orthology groups