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Table 1 Peloton location by root region for orchid samples acquired in the Itremo Massif within the Central Highlands of Madagascar during the first of three trips (June 2012, dry season)

From: Techniques for the collection, transportation, and isolation of orchid endophytes from afar: a case study from Madagascar

Growth habit Orchid species n 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Lithophytic Angraecum calceolus 2/2    X X       X
  Angraecum longicalcar 1/3    X        
  Angraecum magdalenae 1/2   X         
  Angraecum obesum 0/1
  Angraecum protensum 0/1
  Angraecum sororium 0/2
  Angraecum rutenbergianum 1/1 X X         
  Jumellea ibityana 0/2
Epiphytic Bulbophyllum sp. 3/3 X   X     X    
  Bulbophyllum bicoloratum 0/2
  Jumellea sp. 1/4 X          
  Jumellea arborescens 0/2
  Jumellea intricata 1/2     X       
  Polystachya sp. 0/1
  Polystachya cultriformis 1/2      X      
  Polystachya fusiformis 0/1
Terrestrial Cynorkis sp. 1/1   X         
  Eulophia sp. 1/2     X       
  1. Numbers 1–10 reflect the distance (in cm) from the root tip (e.g., 1 terminal end of actively-growing tip, 2 second cm region from root tip), and n the number of roots harboring pelotons/number of roots collected