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Table 1 Descriptions, possible values or units of measure, and means or counts of landscape conditions, forest features, forest management activities, and disturbance factors evaluated as potential factors of site invasion by Japanese stiltgrass in forest plots in Tennessee

From: Understory upheaval: factors influencing Japanese stiltgrass invasion in forestlands of Tennessee, United States

VariableValue or unit of measureMean (range) for continuous data/count for categorical data
Landscape conditions
 Elevationm213.04 (− 28.04 to 1809.9)
 SlopeDegree10.88 (0.00 to 57.5)
 Adjacency to water bodiesNo2138
Forest features
 Stand ageYears55.42 (2 to 137)
 L1: 0 to 1.39 m3/ha/year0
 L2: 1.40 to 3.39256
 L3: 3.50 to 5.941840
 Site productivityL4: 5.95 to 8.39802
 L5: 8.40 to 11.54290
 L6: 11.55 to 15.7478
 L7: > 15.7411
 Tree species diversity (Hs)Shannon’s species diversity1.88 (0 to 3.02)
 Basal aream2/ha22.53 (0.00 to 332.34)
 Natural regenerationaNo3483
Forest management activities
 Site preparationaNo3508
 Artificial regenerationaNo3389
 Forestland ownershipPublic486
Disturbance factors
 D3: 92 to 152 m354
 D4: 153 to 305578
 D5: 306 to 805777
 Distance to the nearest roadD6: 806 to 1609333
 D7: 1610 to 4828116
 D8: 4829 to 804711
 D9: > 80477
 Fire disturbanceaNo3511
 Animal disturbanceaNo3478
 Disease disturbanceaNo3537
 Insect disturbanceaNo3421
 Human-caused disturbanceaNo3482
 Weather disturbanceaNo3470
  1. aNormally within the past 5 years