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Table 1 Effects of different light quality on the formation of female flowers and flowering time

From: Comparative RNA-Seq analysis on the regulation of cucumber sex differentiation under different ratios of blue and red light

TreatmentFirst female flower located nodeTotal female flower numbers in 15 nodesDays from transplanting to first female flowering
R2B1 (Red light:blue light = 2:1)7.20 ± 0.23b2.70 ± 0.13a21.85 ± 0.17b
R4B1 (Red light:blue light = 4:1)8.03 ± 0.19a2.32 ± 0.10b22.53 ± 0.12a
  1. a,b: Statistically significant variations of mean values at different sampling points (ANOVA, p < 0.05) were indicated with different letters. Means denoted by the same letter did not differ significantly at p < 0.05