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Table 1 Details of the whitish Tuber ITS sequences used in phylogenetic study

From: Tuber elevatireticulatum sp. nov., a new species of whitish truffle from Taiwan

TaxaVoucher no.OriginGenBank Accession no.References
Choiromyces alveolatusMES97USAHM485332 Bonito et al. (2010a)
Choiromyces alveolatusHS2886USAHM485333 Bonito et al. (2010a)
Choiromyces alveolatusp688LUSA EU669426Unpublished
Choiromyces alveolatusMES97USA JQ925660Bonito et al. (2013)
T. alboumbilicumYAAS L2324aChinaKJ742702 Li et al. (2014)
T. bellisporumJT7270USAFJ809856FJ809827Bonito et al. (2010b)
T. bellisporumJT6060USAFJ809857FJ809828Bonito et al. (2010b)
T. borchiiGB45ItalyHM485344 Bonito et al. (2010a)
T. borchiiCMI-UNIBO 3405ItalyFJ554521 Bonuso et al. (2010)
T. borchiiTar042ItalyKT165326 Belfiori et al. (2016)
T. borchiiAH39139Spain JN392291Alvarado et al. (2012)
T. borchiiGB32Italy FJ809852Bonito et al. (2010b)
T. californicumJT22590USAHM485351 Bonito et al. (2010a)
T. californicumsrc880USAHM485350 Bonito et al. (2010a)
T. californicumRPC-9USA AF156927Taylor and Bruns (1999)
T. castellanoiJT19924USAFJ809859FJ809830Bonito et al. (2010b)
T. castellanoiJT28069USAFJ809860FJ809831Bonito et al. (2010b)
T. dryophilum ItalyAF003917 Unpublished
T. dryophilumGB37ItalyHM485354JQ925688Bonito et al. (2013)
T. dryophilumGB35Italy JQ925687Bonito et al. (2013)
T. elevatireticulatumbXTAM1TaiwanMF540616LC425119This study
T. elevatireticulatumXTAM2TaiwanMF540617LC425120This study
T. elevatireticulatumXTAM3aTaiwanMF540618LC425121This study
T. elevatireticulatumXTAM4TaiwanMF540619LC425122This study
T. elevatireticulatumXTAM5TaiwanMF540620 This study
T. elevatireticulatumXTAM7TaiwanMF540621LC425123This study
T. elevatireticulatumXTBX1Taiwan LC425124This study
T. elevatireticulatumXTBX4Taiwan LC425125This study
T. elevatireticulatumXTBX5Taiwan LC425126This study
T. flavidosporumK213aJapanAB553446AB553520Kinoshita et al. (2016)
T. gibbosumSPCP_B2aCanadaKP972062 Berch and Bonito (2016)
T. gibbosumJT6555USA FJ809833Bonito et al. (2010a)
T. gibbosumJT19424USAHM485362FJ809834Bonito et al. (2010a)
T. huizeanumBJTC FAN186aChinaJQ910651NG_059991Fan et al. (2013a)
T. japonicumN88aJapanAB553444 Kinoshita et al. (2016)
T. japonicumK228Japan AB553519Kinoshita et al. (2016)
T. latisporumHKAS 44315aChinaDQ898183 Chen and Liu (2007)
T. latisporumBJTC FAN126China KP276204Fan et al. (2016a)
T. lijiangenseBJTC FAN307ChinaKP276188KP276203Fan et al. (2016a)
T. liuiHKAS 48269ChinaDQ898182 Chen and Liu (2007)
T. liyuanumBJTC FAN162aChinaJQ771191 Fan and Cao (2013)
T. liyuanumBJTC FAN162aChina KT067698Fan et al. (2016b)
T. maculatumM4TMPolandKJ524530 Unpublished
T. maculatumMac1ItalyAF106889 Unpublished
T. maculatumZB2656Hungary JF261366Unpublished
T. microsphaerosporumBJTCFan152aChinaKF805726 Fan and Yue (2013)
T. microverrucosumBJTC FAN142aChinaJN870099 Fan et al. (2011)
T. microverrucosumBJTC FAN142aChina KT067696Fan et al. (2016b)
T. oligospermumAH39338FranceJN392266JN392319Alvarado et al. (2012)
T. oligospermumAH37867ItalyJN392259JN392322Alvarado et al. (2012)
T. oregonenseSPCP_B26CanadaKP972064 Berch and Bonito (2016)
T. oregonenseDUKE GB284aUSAFJ809874 Bonito et al. (2010b)
T. oregonenseJT27945USA FJ809836Bonito et al. (2010b)
T. oregonenseJT8767USA FJ809837Bonito et al. (2010b)
T. panzhihuanenseDXJ267aChinaJQ978648 Deng et al. (2013)
T. panzhihuanenseHKAS:95329  KY174963Unpublished
T. panzhihuanenseHKAS:95328  KY174962Unpublished
T. pseudomagnatumBJTC FAN163aChinaJQ771192 Fan and Cao (2013)
T. pseudomagnatumBJTC FAN163aChina KP276192Fan et al. (2016b)
T. pseudosphaerosporumBJTCFan250aChinaKF744063 Fan and Yue (2013)
T. pseudosphaerosporumBJTCFan250aChina KP276194Fan et al. (2016a)
T. puberulum SerbiaFM205642 Marjanovic et al. (2010)
T. puberulumZB436Hungary JF261369Unpublished
T. sheariiOSC51052USAHM485389 Bonito et al. (2010a)
T. sheariiOSC51052USA JF419280Guevara et al. (2013)
T. sheariiJT12498USAGQ221450 Unpublished
T. sinopuberulumBJTC FAN157aChinaJQ690073JQ690070Fan et al. (2013b)
T. sinosphaerosporumBJTC FAN135aChinaJX092086 Fan et al. (2013c)
T. sinosphaerosporumBJTC FAN135aChina KP276195Fan et al. (2016a)
T. sphaerospermumAH37798MoroccoJN392245JN392304Alvarado et al. (2012)
T. sphaerospermumAH39197SpainJN392242JN392307Alvarado et al. (2012)
T. thailandicumCMU-MTUF1aThailandKP196328KP196333Suwannarach et al. (2015)
T. thailandicumCMU-MTUF2ThailandKP196329KP196334Suwannarach et al. (2015)
T. turmericumBJTC FAN473aChinaKT758837 Fan et al. (2015)
T. vesicoperidiumBJTC FAN155aChinaJQ690071JQ690068Fan et al. (2013b)
T. xanthomonosporumYAAS L3185aChinaKJ162154 Qing et al. (2015)
T. zhongdianensewang0299aChinaDQ898187 Chen and Liu (2007)
T. zhongdianenseBJTC FAN176China KP276201Fan et al. (2016a)
  1. aHolotype
  2. bNew species described in this study are bold as indication