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Table 1 Measurements (in mm) of female and male flowers of Sapria himalayana f. albovinosa sampled on Lang Biang Plateau for the present study

From: Identification, sexual dimorphism and aspects of the natural history of Sapria himalayana (Rafflesiaceae) on Vietnam’s Lang Biang Plateau

FlowersCode♀ 1♀ 2♀ 3♂ 1♂ 2♂ 3
Flower diameterC157–160145–165130–140110–116138–142117–142
Lobe inclination from the vertical 60°–75°30°–70°55°–90°0°–10°30°–45°10°–45°
Height of flowerHE90737197100107
Circumference of perigone tube at lobe baseD260254250250265255
Height of perigone tubeL343232313738
Perigone lobe width/length (outer whorl)B (E/F)42–58/48–5043.5–55/49–5341–55/38–5240–50/50–5740–52/46–5339–53/45–54
Perigone lobe width/length (inner whorl)B (E/F)32–34/43–4631–37/38–4132–34/41–4636–37/44–5133–38/40–5031–37/39–44
Diameter of whole diaphragmH58–6054–5554–6152–5553–5651–55
Width of diaphragm collarI21–2420–21.518–2116–1818–1916–17
Width of diaphragm apertureJ14–1614–1519–2018–2019.5–20.520–21
Width of ramenta bandIM14–1512.5–1511–14.59–1212–1311–12
Width of distal bandID6–76–75.5–75–65–64–5
Height of columnQ201816–1716–1717–19Column and disk missing (eaten)
Diameter of column where narrowest 15141588
Diameter of crest of diskT35–3936–3837–3823–2432–33
Depth of diskU655–5.56–77–8
Height of disk (to just above anthers) 1110.510–119–108–9
Width of stigmatic fascia/annular row of anthersWF/WM151413.512–1312
Maximum diameter of stigmatic circle 3232.532.5
Maximum height of perigone tube ridges: width of its flange at that pointM:N5:24.8:2.45.5:2.5777
Height of cupule at flower baseCP10–1315–16.612–14.52–33–4.54–6
Outer whorl of basal bracts (length)A21–3520–3421–3014–1720–2920–20
Inner whorl of basal bracts (length)A53–5950–5843–5639–6250–5844–59