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Table 1 Tail probabilities of asymmetric values for the among-lineage diversification rate variation in the phylogenetic topologies inferred from the species tree (BEAST)

From: Nuclear and chloroplast DNA phylogeography suggests an Early Miocene southward expansion of Lithocarpus (Fagaceae) on the Asian continent and islands

Both cpDNA and nrITS (Fig. 2a)
 Observed251− 0.58551.50E−100.674750.2261
 Min ERM507− 0.95661.93E−170.530244.0535
 Max ERM64− 0.08560.04720.925661.3567
 0.025 frequentile RR368− 0.83151.08E−130.591847.8035
 0.975 frequentile RR233− 0.52074.01E−080.728454.2252
cpDNA (Fig. 3)
 Observed324− 0.51294.33E−100.719666.2184
 Min ERM651− 0.95335.95E−190.541855.7200
 Max ERM104− 0.14780.00100.883373.5864
 0.025 frequentile RR440− 0.75181.98E−150.626260.3685
 0.975 frequentile RR227− 0.39302.91E−080.790068.394
nrITS (Fig. 4)
 Observed294− 0.54831.43E−100.703558.2993
 Min ERM589− 1.01682.51E−190.524450.1407
 Max ERM79− 0.12810.00200.899067.3080
 0.025 frequentile RR386− 0.75403.50E−140.619855.2110
 0.975 frequentile RR215− 0.41359.37E−080.774462.4962
cpDNA (Additional file 1: Figure S1A)
 Observed599− 0.55733.72E−190.6878103.0830
 Min ERM1112− 0.88051.77E−280.557694.1847
 Max ERM220− 0.20342.54E−070.8536117.8260
 0.025 frequentile RR854− 0.75102.40E−230.6348100.578
 0.975 frequentile RR463− 0.42768.03E−140.7606110.5650
  TailPr0.00073.00.E− 050.00010.00070.0022
nrITS (Additional file 1: Figure S1B)
 Observed724− 1.02212.02E−210.540060.0154
 Min ERM754− 1.00835.14E−200.563760.8534
 Max ERM120− 0.14260.00040.889380.0882
 0.025 frequentile RR652− 0.92389.54E−200.568862.8712
 0.975 frequentile RR351− 0.53701.53E−120.697770.1858
  1. IC is the Colless’s tree imbalance index; MΠ and MΣ are the nodal probability product and nodal probability sum of the tree, respectively; MΠ* and MΣ* are modified versions of MΠ and MΣ obtained through differential weighting of the individual equal-rate Markov nodal probabilities according to their species diversity. These indices display the diversification rate variation of the whole tree