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Table 1 Yield component analysis of sstl progeny segregates

From: Studies of a rice sterile mutant sstl from the TRIM collection

PhenotypesAFRP (%)ANPANGPAGWP (g)
SSTL-F92.80 a15.71 a148.43 ab4.01 a
sstl-ss49.20 b15.43 a163.67 b2.57 b
sstl-s0.07 c15.14 a179.71 bc0.96 c
  1. Yield component analysis of three types in sstl progeny segregates. F fertile, ss semi-sterile, s sterile, AFRP average fertility rate per panicle, ANP average number of panicles per plant, ANGP average number of grains per panicle, AGWP average grain weight per panicle. The statistical analysis was performed by one-way ANOVA with Tukey test post hoc analysis. Data were collected from 7 individual plants in each type and presented as mean ± SEM
  2. Values followed by different letters indicated a significant difference for each variable (P ≤ 0.05)