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Fig. 2

From: Molecular systematics of Chiritopsis-like Primulina (Gesneriaceae): one new species, one new name, two new combinations, and new synonyms

Fig. 2

Primulina repanda (ag), P. cordifolia (hk, pr), and P. huangii (lo). ad plants from the type locality of Chiritopsis repanda W.T.Wang (Chung 1821), a, b habit, c flowers (face view), d flower (side view); e plants from Liujiang (Peng 22921); f plants from Rongshui (Chung 1815); g a plant from Tian’e (Chung et al. 1823); hk plants from the type locality of C. cordifolia W.T.Wang (Chung 1817), h, i habit, j flowers (side view), k flowers (face view); lo plants from type locality of P. huangii F.Wen & Z.B.Xin, l habit, m variation in leaf shapes, n flower (side view), o flower (face view); p a plant from Bama (Chung et al. 1828); q plants from plants from Rong’an (Chung et al. 1808); r a plant from Donglan (Chung et al. 1826)

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