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Table 1 Voucher information for samples used and GenBank accession numbers of cpDNA sequences

From: Phylogeography of Begonia luzhaiensis suggests both natural and anthropogenic causes for the marked population genetic structure

Population (Code) Voucher (HAST specimen ID) Collection locality Geographic coordinates GenBank accession number
Begonia luzhaiensis T.C.Ku
 Bama (BM) S.-M. Ku 2022 (HAST 142361) Bana Village, Xishan Township, Bama County, Guangxi, China 24°14′17″N 107°15′50″E MG063376
 Donglan (DL) S.-M. Ku 2002 (HAST 142357) Dawei Village, Donglan Town, Donglan County, Guangxi, China 24°30′33.0″N 107°19′13.0″E MG063379, MG063380
 Fengshan (FS) S.-M. Ku 2016 (HAST 142358) Paoli Township, Fengshan County, Guangxi, China 24°24′14.0″N 107°04′00.0″E MG063378
 Fuli (FL) H.-Y. Huang et al. 6 (HAST 142351) Fuli Town, Yangshuo County, China 24°47′08.2″N, 110°31′22.5″E MG063293–MG063297
 Gaotian (GT) K.-F. Chung et al. 1855 (HAST 142364) Paitou Village, Gaotian Town, Yanshuo County, Guangxi, China 24°44′25.8″N 110°25′04.9″E MG063369–MG063373
 Lingui (LG) H.-Y. Huang et al. 31 (HAST 142353) Sishan Village, Huixian Town, Lingui County, Guangxi, China 25°02′27.9″N 110°11′59.4″E MG063323–MG063327
 Lingyun (LY) C.-I Peng et al. 24344 (HAST 138438) Luolou Town, Lingyun County, Guangxi, China 24°25′48″N, 106°44′24″E MG063381–MG063415
 Luzhai (LZ) H.-Y. Huang et al. 18 (HAST 142354) Zhongdu Town, Luzhai County, Guangxi, China 24°43′37.9″N 109°39′50.6″E MG063311–MG063322
 Paoli (PL) S.-M. Ku 2018 (HAST 142359) & 2019 (HAST 142360) Paoli Township, Fengshan County, Guangxi, China 24°25′43.0″N 107°05′46.0″E MG063374, MG063375
 Rongshui (RS) H.-Y. Huang et al. 33 (HAST 142355) Xidong Scenic Area, Ronshui County, Guangxi, China 25°05′30.2″N 109°12′10.7″E MG063334–MG063347
 Tian’e (TE) K.-F. Chung et al. 1825 (HAST 142363) Dulou Village, Bamu Township, Tian’e County, Guangxi, China 24°52′21.2″N 107°11′31.0″E MG063366–MG063368
 Xincheng (XC) H.-Y. Haung et al. 102 (HAST 142356) Chengguan Town, Xincheng County, Guangxi, China 24°03′49.5″N 108°40′08.9″E MG063348–MG063365
 Xingping (XP) K.-F. Chung et al. 3017 (HAST 142365) Xingping Town, Yangshou County, Guangxi, China 24°54′48.3″N 110°30′02.9″E MG063416–MG063424
 Yongfu (YF) C.-I Peng et al. 24374 (HAST 138467) Luojin Township, Yongfu County, Guangxi, China 25°01′12.0″N 110°09′02.0″E MG063328–MG063333
 Yangshuo (YS) H.-Y. Huang et al. 8 (HAST 142352) Yanshuo Town, Yanshuo County, Guangxi, China 24°46′12.9″N, 110°27′43.4″E MG063298–MG063310
 Yizhou (YZ) Y.-M. Shui 9010 (HAST 94959) Yankou Village, Yizhou District, Guangxi, China 24°29′24.0″N, 108°34′12.0″E MG063377
Begonia asteropyrifolia Y.M.Shiu & W.H.Chen
 (Outgroup) C.-I Peng et al. 21062 (HAST 117107) Donglan Town, Donglan County, Guangxi, China MG063292
  1. All voucher specimens are deposited in HAST. The HAST specimen ID is encrypted with the hyperlink to its digital image