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Table 1 Chlorophyll concentration of rice seedlings under heat stress combined with ACC treatment

From: Ethylene-mediated signaling confers thermotolerance and regulates transcript levels of heat shock factors in rice seedlings under heat stress

Concentration (μg g−1 FW)Treatment
ControlHeat (45 °C)
0 μM ACC10 μM ACC
Chlorophyll a0.627 ± 0.081a,*0.354 ± 0.028c0.433 ± 0.010b
Chlorophyll b0.197 ± 0.031a0.198 ± 0.013a0.177 ± 0.004a
Total chlorophyll0.833 ± 0.113a0.558 ± 0.017b0.616 ± 0.006b
Chlorophyll a/b ratio3.196 ± 0.175a1.798 ± 0.268c2.448 ± 0.109b
  1. The values are presented as mean ± standard deviation based on six biologically independent experiments
  2. *Different letters indicate significant difference between the treatments assessed using the LSD post hoc test (P < 0.05)