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Table 1 Mean (± SE) DBH, canopy volume, and tree height of four species of figs assessed in the Hengchun Tropical Botanical Garden (HTBG), Kenting, and the comparison examined by MANOVA

From: Fruiting phenology and nutrient content variation among sympatric figs and the ecological correlates

SpeciesDBH (cm)Canopy volume (m3)Tree height (m)
F. caulocarpa1162.95 ± 20.72a***1098.47 ± 213.51a***11.13 ± 0.58a**
F. subpisocarpa136.63 ± 4.16a197.46 ± 47.92a9.90 ± 0.75b*
F. ampelas245.29 ± 9.0a173.84 ± 31.07a7.33 ± 0.31ab
F. irisana231.0 ± 6.08a159.82 ± 66.14a8.23 ± 1.0a
  1. A species trait value followed by a letter and asterisks indicates a significant difference from values of other species with the same letter but without an asterisk under the same trait variable, examined by post hoc comparisons following the main test
  2. 1 Monoecious
  3. 2 Dioecious
  4. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001