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Fig. 2

From: Effect of different mycobionts on symbiotic germination and seedling growth of Dendrobium officinale, an important medicinal orchid

Fig. 2

Symbiotic cultures of D. officinale seeds and seedlings. a Symbiotic seed germination of D. officinale seeds. Protocorms ruptured the seed coats and turned green. Scale bar = 10 mm. b Fungal staining using WGA-FITC (green) showing fungal hyphae (arrowhead) aggregated and penetrating the suspensor end of embryo. Bar = 40 µm. c Longitudinal section of a developing protocorm showing fungal hyphae (arrowhead) colonizing the basal cortical cells of an enlarged embryo. Scale bar = 50 µm. d Longitudinal section of a seedling root showing fungal hyphae (arrowheads) colonizing the epidermis (e) and cortical cells (c). Scale bar = 15 µm

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