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Fig. 5

From: Morphological and genetic characteristics of F1 hybrids introgressed from Brassica napus to B. rapa in Taiwan

Fig. 5

Distinguishing B. rapa from B. napus and F1 hybrids using the LOC106302894 gene primer set. a Diagram of LOC106302894 and position of primer set. b Detecting the presence of targeting in B. rapa, B. napus, and F1 hybrids. BraTUB6: internal positive control. M1: “Nongxing 80 days,” M2: “Wansheng rape,” M3: “Edible rape,” P1: “Deza oil No. 18,” P2: “Gueiza No. 4,” P3: “Zhong oil No. 36,” P4: “Wan oil No. 25,” and P5: “FTHEB 1001.”

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