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Table 4 Putative cis-acting elements in the SdCPR and the SdC4H promotors related in phytohormone and stress responses

From: Functional characterization of NADPH-cytochrome P450 reductase and cinnamic acid 4-hydroxylase encoding genes from Scoparia dulcis L.

AAAC-motif1Light responsivePlantCARE
A-box1Elicitor or light responsivePlantCARE
ABRE motif11ABA responsivePlantCARE
ARE31Anaerobic induciblePlantCARE
ATCT-motif21Light responsivePlantCARE
AuxRR-core1Auxin responsivePlantCARE
Box 413Light responsivePlantCARE
G-box11Light responsivePlantCARE
GC-motif11Anoxic specific induciblePlantCARE
GT1-motif2Light responsivePlantCARE
I-box1Light responsivePlantCARE
MBS1Drought induciblePlantCARE
Sp12Light responsivePlantCARE
TCCC-motif1Light responsivePlantCARE
TGACG-motif21MeJA and SA responsivePlantCARE
WUN-motif2Wounding responsivePlantCARE
DPBF binding site motif22ABA induciblePLACE
E-box86Drought induciblePLACE
ERE1Ethylene responsivePLACE
GCC box2Elicitor responsivePLACE
GT-1 motif61Pathogen and salt stress responsivePLACE
W-box12Wounding and fungal elicitor responsivePLACE
  1. “−” indicates absence of the motif; The number indicates number of times of occurrence of the motif