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Table 5 Heat treatment: Relative germination rate of Adansonia digitata seeds in percentage

From: Adansonia digitata germination tests. Elephants or heat: what causes scarification of seed to facilitate germination?

Treatment0–2 weeks3–4 weeks5–6 weeks7–8 weeks9–10 weeks
Short-time heat treatment
 In oven for 5 min 75°C0262140
 In oven for 5 min 100°C0354210
 In oven for 5 min 125°C05420
 In oven for 5 min 150°C00300
Long-time heat treatment
 In oven for 40 min 50°C06610
 In oven for 40 min 75°C0194500
 In oven for 40 min 100°C00000
 In oven for 40 min 125°C00000
 In wet sand in oven for 40 min 50°C02600
 In wet sand in oven for 40 min 75°C5462100
 In wet sand in oven for 40 min 100°C00000
 In wet sand in oven for 40 min 125°C00000
Combination of elephants´ digestion and heat treatment
 Elephants´ digestion + in oven 5 min 75°C2121000
 Elephants´ digestion + in oven 5 min 100°C0181000
 Elephants´ digestion + in oven 5 min 125°C08800
 Elephants´ digestion + in oven 5 min 150°C22000
  1. Numbers marked with aare the average of the germination tests (2017, 2018, 2019) the remaining numbers are obtained in the test sets in 2018 or 2019