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Table 3 Comparison of Begonia zhuoyuniae with B. aurantiflora and B. semiparietalis

From: Six new species of Begonia from Guangxi, China

  Begonia zhuoyuniae B. aurantiflora (Peng et al. 2008) B. semiparietalis (Ku et al. 2006)
 Diameter (mm) 2–6 3–6 9–12
 Internode length (mm) Elongated, 5–25 Elongated, 12–50 Congested, 4–17
 Shape Ovate to reniform, apex rounded or obtuse, base cordate Broadly ovate or suborbicular, apex obtuse to acute, base deeply cordate Broadly ovate or suborbicular, apex shortly acuminate or acute, rarely obtuse, base deeply cordate
 Size (cm) 2.5–5(–6.5) × 2–4(–5.5) (4.5–)7–11 × (4–)5.5–10 (3.5–)8–12(–15) × (3–)6–10(–13)
 Adaxial surface Sparsely hirtellous and punctate Pilose Pilose-setose (trichomes
0.7–1 mm long)
 Abaxial surface Scabrous Pilose Pilose
 Peduncle Pilose Glandular-pilose Glabrous
 Tepal color Pink Orange Pinkish or reddish