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Fig. 2

From: Vessel elements of two thelypteroid ferns-part I

Fig. 2

Tracheary elements of Ampelopteris prolifera  showing histochemical differentiation in tissue specific stain. a Vessel elements in root t.s. bd Petiole t.s.(basal segment). b Lignified tissue stained with phloroglucinol-HCl. c, d Lignified tissue stained with toluidine blue o. e, f Pecto cellulosic middle lamella stained with ruthenium red. g, h Negatively stained endwall and stained lignified bars in the lateral wall in the l.s. of petiole showing vessel elements. (Abbreviations used: L lignin, PC pectocellulosic middle lamella, EW endwall, P perforation)

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