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Fig. 4

From: Vessel elements of two thelypteroid ferns-part I

Fig. 4

SEM images of Ampelopteris prolifera-vessel elements. ac Vessel end wall of rhizome a with intermediate type of perforation plate, scalariform bars half produced b with 2–3 remnant scalariform bars. c Simple perforation plate, d vessel endwall (root) with complex perforation plate. e Vessel element (rhizome) with elongated perforation plate. f Helically thickened tracheid. g Vessel element with enlarged endwall and intermediate perforation plate associated with xylem parenchyma. h Vessel endwall with simple perforation plate. i Endwall with compound perforation plate and lateral wall with pit membrane. (Abbreviations used: ipp intermediate perforation plate, spp simple perforation plate, cpp compound perforation plate, pm pit membrane)

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