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Table 1 Poaceae species sampled for leaf phytoliths in this study

From: Silicified bulliform cells of Poaceae: morphological characteristics that distinguish subfamilies

  1. aHabitat of collection site. A, Sunny; B, Shady to partial shady; C, Near water; D, Salt adapted. See “Methods
  2. bBambusoideae, slender, scandent, or tall. See text
  3. cGenus-level, data from Osborne et al. (2014) and Zheng et al. (2000)
  4. dParastomatal long cells, usually with both ends deeply concave
  5. eWhite circle indicates presence of special hair type
  6. fTablet with crenate margin, or Pooideae wavy trapezoid
  7. gThe sample number in Additional file 1: Appendix S1. The first of the 3 constitutive number for each measured accession is shown in this column
  8. hGenus/species numbers described in Flora of Taiwan (Hsu et al. 2000); Phyllogeny is based on Soreng et al. (2015)
  9. iShan-Ping Forest Ecological Garden, Lioukuei Research Center, Taiwan Forestry Research Institute