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Table 1 Major microscopic structural events occurring in the developing pods of Vanilla planifolia after hand pollination

From: Asymbiotic germination of Vanilla planifolia in relation to the timing of seed collection and seed pretreatments

DAP Developmental stage Seed color
30 Fertilization and the formation of zygote White
45 Proembryo A mixture of white and brown seeds
60 Proembryo and the developing of early globular embryo Most seeds turned black
75 Early globular embryo Black
90 Globular embryo Black
105 Late globular embryo Black
300 Pod ripe and splita Black
  1. aFrom 105 to 300 DAP, the seed structure did not change, but the pod gradually became ripe and turned yellow by 240 DAP
  2. DAP  days after pollination